Over the last three weeks, the onslaught of abortion-expansion legislation and funding has increased dramatically - a direct response to the leaked Supreme Court Dobbs draft opinion, which could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade and send the decision about legality of abortion back to the states.

The Bishops of California remain adamantly opposed to any expansion of abortion access or funding in California. They are actively and fervently committed to uniting, increasing, and making readily available all life-affirming resources in our state for women facing unexpected pregnancies and finding it difficult to flourish in California’s current economic and social climate.

All Catholics and people of faith and goodwill are invited to join the California bishops in opposing abortion and building a culture that supports and defends every human life. In their name, the California Catholic Conference empowers and equips local and statewide action through the following: 


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Currently, there are 19 pieces of legislation in California attempting to expand or protect access to abortion. Governor Newsom has added $125 million in funding to his May revision of the state budget, and he and legislative leaders have promised a state constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion in CA.



The Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case is expected in the coming month. What will this mean for the country and California? How can we be prepared to discuss these issues with friends and family? What can we expect in the future?


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Women and families are facing unprecedented pressure to choose abortion as our legislators continue to fund abortion and ancillary costs (travel, accommodations, lost wages, childcare, doula care) for women from California and other states seeking an abortion. This is tantamount to coercion, particularly for those women and families struggling with the state’s soaring inflation and inaccessible housing market. Now more than ever, people of faith and goodwill need to rally behind support for women, children and families. 


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We arrive at this moment by the grace of God, strengthened by nearly 50 years of prayer. Prayer always precedes and informs action. Our prayers are still needed – asking the Lord for his presence, his mercy, and for changes of public policy and our own hearts until every woman, every child, and every family is welcomed with love. Pledge to pray as a family or community for an end to abortion.