California Catholic Conference Job Openings

Office Manager

Location: Sacramento, CA

Job Summary: 

The Office Manager is responsible for overall office and personnel operations, including Human Resources needs, the needs of the physical office, and support for meetings, events and conferences for the California Catholic Conference, Inc. and California Conference of Catholic Bishops. Office Manager is responsible for optimizing programs to maximize the utilization of services and equipment for the office operation. Office Manager is responsible for assuring compliance with government rules and regulations pertaining to employee’s rights and benefits. The position of Office Manager requires maintaining confidentiality, knowledge of administrative office practices and operations, and the ability to work well in a high-pressure environment with a diverse staff.

For more information, please send your resume to Kathleen Domingo, Executive Director, kdomingo@cacatholic.org

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Internship Opportunity

The California Catholic Conference is seeking a Restorative Justice Intern for the 2022-2023 school year who has leadership and community service experience, and effective writing and communication skills. 

Our CCHD intern would have an indispensable role in the building of our new Catholic Restorative Justice Network, collaboration with diocesan directors and partners, outreach and education messaging, supporting legislative strategy development, and promoting organizing opportunities related to social justice issues. 

The internship will begin with a three-day orientation, June 1-3, in Washington, D.C. The position will be 16 hours per week based in the Sacramento office and includes parking. A Catholic Campaign for Human Development grant funds the paid position. 

Applications are due by April 25. 

For more information, please send your resume to Adrian Flores aflores@cacatholic.org